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2788-87985 - Warner Grasscloth Resource Wallpaper-54" Sold By The Yard

2788-87985 - Warner Grasscloth Resource Wallpaper-54" Sold By The Yard


($21.90 Yard 54 Inches Wide)

Book: Warner Grasscloth Resource

Design Studio: Warner Textures

Design Name: Pembrooke Stripe

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This wallpaper is priced by the yard 54 inches wide. It is shipped in 15 yard increments only. This wallpaper is packaged in 30 yard bolts. This is a 20 Oz. fabric backed vinyl.

Order a sample for color match, if needed, for $4.99 each with Free Shipping.


Single Roll vs 2 Roll Bolt ?

Packaging and Sizes

Wallpaper comes in different lengths and widths and, although usually priced by the single roll, it is packaged in double roll bolts. People may find this packaging versus pricing situation hard to understand. However, wallpaper is packaged this way because double rolls (2 roll bolts) provide more usable wallpaper than single rolls. Having a longer continuous roll allows for more full drops and less end of the roll pieces. A single roll is a unit of measure that usually contains 28 - 30 square feet. Just remember, wallpaper is priced by the single roll, but is available to ship only in 2 roll bolts. Example: If you order 8 rolls....you will receive four 2 roll bolts.

Roll Sizes

Width is measured in inches. Most widths will be either 20.5 or 27 inches wide. Length is measured in feet. Most single rolls will be either 13.5 or 16.5 feet long (or 27 or 33 feet long for double rolls). Roll Coverage The three most common single roll sizes and the corresponding square footage (width, length – respectively) are:

20.5 in. x 16.5 ft. = 28 sq ft ( 2 roll bolt 33 feet long with 56 sq ft )

27 in. x 13.5 ft. = 30 sq ft ( 2 roll bolt 27 feet long with 60 sq ft )

36 in. x 12 ft. = 36 sq ft ( 2 roll bolt 24 feet long with 72 sq ft )

Single Roll vs 2 Roll Bolt ?

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 15.

This neutral texture gives the illusion of a pleated fabric. The cream base of the wallpaper makes it extremely versatile when decorating. Pembrooke is an unpasted, fabric backed vinyl wallpaper.


Data sheet

Pattern Repeat
Pattern Match
Fabric Backed Vinyl - Scrubbable - Strippable
54 Inches
36 Inches
Bolt Size
30 Yards
Each Bolt Contains
405 Square Feet

Specific References